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Full text of "The Fate Of Man In The Modern World"

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the idea of a totalitarian state, and both National-
ism and etatism are based upon an anti-petsonal
ethic. Organized masses want to live in absolute
states and seem not to value personal life, in-
dependent of the state. They are not interested
in cultural creativeness, the product of spiritual
freedom. In the last analysis, all despotism is a
transformed primitive Communism.


The world is entering an epoch of Gesarism;
and this Cassarism,like all others, will be,plebeian
in character. It represents a plebeian uprising
against the aristocratic element in culture. The
modem "leader," perhaps the predecessor of
the coming Gesar, is a leader of the masses. He
is the psychological product of the modern col-
lective. And he leads the masses by demagogy.
Once this fails him as an instrument, he loses his
power and is overthrown. The "leader" depends
entirely upon the masses, which he rules despotic-
ally: he depends altogether on the psychology
of the collective, its emotions and instincts.
His authority is based altogether upon the

The subconscious always plays a large part in
the process of governing. But it is surprising
to note how authority in our modern world,
based upon the subconscious and irrational,